A Complete Guardian Life Insurance Review In 2022


Triston Martin

Mar 08, 2022

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Guardian Life Insurance Company of America was founded in 181860 and is among the oldest life insurance companies in the United States. This is the 26th biggest life and health insurance company in the U.S. Since it is a mutual insurance firm that distributes dividends to eligible policyholders. Guardian Life has $722 billion in life insurance policies in force and has 29 million customers spread across its diverse product lines, including life insurance, health investment, and other insurance. Guardian Life is headquartered in New York City. As per the guardian life insurance review, The company has the highest score for its financial health of A+ according to AM Best and a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Services are provided by an award-winning call center and through its life insurance specialists.

Guardian Life Offers of Products and Services

Guardian provides a variety of choices of insurance for life:

· Term Life Insurance

Guardian provides term policies that last 10 15 to 20 years, 15 to 20 or 30 years. While term life quotes for life insurance can be purchased online but the actual purchase must be made through an authorized Guardian agent. The level of premiums is assured with this kind of policy. Life insurance policies with a term are able to be converted into full life insurance. However, there is a cost to do so.

· Whole Life Insurance

One of the unique aspects of the whole-life insurance plan offered by Guardian is that it provides policies for people who have HIV. The requirements for this policy are being between 20 to 60, taking antiretroviral medications for at least two years, and under the supervision of a doctor who specializes in HIV treatment. People who apply for this policy must also not have HIV-related co-morbidities. The traditional whole-life insurance can also be provided that has fixed-cost coverage, low premiums, as well as level or limited payment options. The minimum coverage is $25,000 over an entire life. The range of ages for total life insurance policies is extensive and extends from birth to the age of 90.

· Permanent Life Insurance

The company has survivorship insurance, which is known as Guardian Estate Guard. It is generally advised for married couples who have insurance on one policy. If one person dies, the death benefits are given to the other who is insured on the policy. In addition, the policy's cash value will increase following the death of the first policyholder. Permanent life insurance begins at $100,000. The policy is guaranteed. However, the premiums can be adapted.

Guardian Disability Basics of Insurance

In 2020, the insurance company finished the year with $9.5 billion worth of capital and upwards of $85 billion of assets, as well as operating earnings of $1.7 billion. This grants its financial stability when compared with other insurance companies.

Guardian Life is a Guardian Life insurance company recognized for its outstanding service quality, fewer complaints than other companies, excellent claim process and rates, exceptional financial stability, and amazing discounts. If you're interested in finding out more information about the Guardian Life insurance company, avoid the numerous Guardian disability insurance reviews and look at this.

We will look at the complete information about the features, packages, and other services together with the address to mail for Guardian disability insurance, as well as additional important information, to ensure you're making the right choice after dialing this Guardian disability insurance telephone number.

The Good

Strong financial ratings. Guardian has been in existence since more than 160 years ago, which is why it has an excellent reputation with credit rating analysts and agencies. Consumers can be assured of economic stability. This is essential in the event of death benefits being paid out.

· Online Quote Tool Available

There's not much you can do on the Guardian's page for life insurance, and you'll be able to get an example quote very quickly.

· Convertible Options Are Available

Customers satisfied with their plan can change to a permanent plan should they wish to provide support to dependents following the time expires. Converting to a more permanent method is an option as it typically implies that no further medical tests are needed.

· Dividends Are Paid to Customers Who Have a Whole-Life Contract

Being a client of a mutually-owned company offers perks, including the possibility of money-based dividends to be paid at the close each year. But, receiving tips isn't a guarantee because it is contingent on the company's performance. However, rewards can be a positive for potential Guardian customers.

The Bad

· High Rates

Guardian has a higher cost for its insurance policies than the average industry. If you want to save money on Life insurance coverage is the primary goal, there are lower-cost alternatives to other insurers.

· Only Apply Through Agents

Guardian does not allow shoppers to apply online. Instead, you'll have to speak with a local agent or call customer service to direct you to a local representative. In either case, you're on the phone.

· The Website Is Not Well-Organized

Guardian isn't very transparent regarding information about its insurance products. There's a basic overview of their website. However, more detailed information will need to be sought out from an agent in your area.

Customer Service

Guardian insurance is well-known for its outstanding level of customer service over the years, which could be among the main reasons for its excellent customer reviews. Customers can reach Guardian insurance via phone at (212) 598-8000 or by calling customer support is available at 1-888-Guardian. The company also has an online customer service option available to customers.

Waiting Period

Waiting periods are an established length of time you need to wait until your insurance coverage becomes effective. The waiting periods differ according to the policy, insurer, and type of insurance. If you purchase an insurance policy with a traditional structure, there could be an average waiting time of 6 months to 1 year for specific procedures dependent on the insurance policy. If your application is accepted, you'll begin receiving the benefits specified by your insurance plan after the waiting period is over.


Guardian Life is a reputable life insurance company that is able to deliver the promise of protection. There are plenty of products and riders to meet life insurance requirements. Costs are generally average, yet the business remains solvent financially and has been paying dividends to policyholders frequently since 1868. If you're looking for an insurance option flexible for life up to 75 years old, Guardian Life is a great choice.


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