Best Tax Relief Programs-Top 3 Tax Relief Companies to Resolve your Tax Debt


Susan Kelly

Dec 06, 2021

Filing your income tax return might be confusing and challenging, especially in 2021. Tax debt is more common than you think. Tax negligence can trigger wage garnishment, levies, and property seizure. In this situation, your finances will be affected highly, and you will go deeper into unbearable debts. Therefore, if you are struggling with Internal RevenueService(IRS)taxdebt,therearemanytaxreliefprogramstomeditatethese debts.GetoutfromundertheIRSdeptwiththesebestTaxReliefCompanieswith proven records of success.

What is Tax Relief?

Tax relief means setting an agreement or payment plan with IRS. Tax relief results in a reduction of taxes owed by an individual or any business. Apart from it, Tax relief companies assist you to settle tax debts much less than the original amount. The best tax relief programs understand tax laws and know how to negotiate settlements with IRS. Moreover, IRS Tax relief professionals negotiate itself with the IRS and Tax commissions in support of their clients. You can find more aboutspecial tax relief on the IRS website.

Top 3 Best Tax Relief Companies

Below are the most trustworthy tax relief companies with their detailed information.

ThesetopcompaniesusethetaxreliefprogramsthroughtheIRStoreduceoreliminate the tax debt. Let's break themdown.

Community Tax

Communitytaxisoneofthereputabletaxreliefcompaniesandthetopchoiceinthetax relief industry. This company boasts an A+ Better Business Beurae rating and hundreds of 5-star reviews. They offer business tax services, outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Therefore, the company works withthe taxpayers with a minimum tax debt of $10,000.

Thecompanyofferstop-ratedtaxreliefprogramsintermsofpremiumqualityservices andvastindustryexperience.Furthermore,theyofferacommunityTaxassurance program filled with a wealth of valuable information with a mobile app. Community tax relief has 10+ years of business history. In short, it is the best tax relief for individual debt.

Precision Tax

The reliability of the tax relief company is assessed through its services, awards, and recognitions. Precision tax is a trustworthy tax relief program that offers a free consultation with no obligation and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. The company has received an A+ BBB rating and Torch awards for ethics. Also, they offer annual tax preparation, bookkeeping tax services with flexible payment options.

Thisreputabletaxrelieffirmofferscustomerserviceoptionsthroughphone,email,and text.Thecompany'spricingisbasedonaninclusiveflat-ratefee.Theyneverchargeany hiddenoradditionalfee.Thecompanyhasassistedplentyofclientstosettleand resolve their debts. Therefore, precision tax relief is at the top in every aspect of analysis.Theyhaveprovenabilitytosolvearangeoftaxpayer'sproblemswiththeIRS.

Anthem Tax Services

Ifyouarestrugglingwithtaxdebt,anthemtaxrelieffirmwillprovideyouwiththebest strategytosolveyourtaxproblems.Thistaxreliefcompanyoffersa100%money-back guaranteewithnotimelimit.Moreover,thisreliablecompanyisbestforsmall businesses and individuals with over $8,000 in debt. Anthem Tax relief company is accredited by NATP and NAEA.

Theyofferfreeconsultationabouttaxdebtrelief.Then,thetaxprofessionalsexamine yourcaseandgiveyouasolution.Intheirhistory,theyhavesettledcasesquicklyinthe week.Mostimportantly,thisreputablecompanyoffersahugerangeoftaxrelief programs. It includes installment agreement service, currently not collectible service, and also IRS Fresh Start forgiveness. Also, their professionals negotiate directly with the IRS on the client’s behalf.

Best Tax Relief Programs

Penalty Abatement

Penalty abatement is the best IRS program that relieves the taxpayer's debts under certaincriteria.Thefirst-timepenaltyabatement(FTA)isawaiverthattheIRSgrantsto individualswhohaveneverpreviouslybeenindebt.Bythis,theorganizationreducesor eliminates all the debt of thoseindividuals.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

This tax relief program is like a non-streamlined installment agreement. If the taxpayer's gross monthly income is less or he has no extra finances to pay a tax debt, he can apply forcurrentlynotcollectiblestatus.Apartfromit,youwillbeabletosecureCNCstatus with one call to IRS. In this way, the burden of the unpayable tax will be lifted from taxpayers.

Offers in Compromise (OIC)

An offer in compromise is an effective program that allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the original amount you owe. Therefore, if you can't pay your tax debt full or you are from a low-income family, you will qualify for this tax relief program.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Lastbutnotleast,theIRSofferstheinnocentspousereliefprogramtotheindividuals whose spouse or former spouse is responsible to pay the tax debt. This taxrelief program will remove your tax liability. And, a spouse will be relieved of a tax, interest, or any penalties on the joint tax return.

In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned tax relief companies and programs help the taxpayers to settle their tax debt and pay back the money. These companies connect their clients with the bestIRSTaxreliefprogram.Theirprofessionalsnegotiatemoreeffectivelyandgenerate betteroutcomes.Inthisway,theprogramswouldbeabletopaybackthewholedebtto avoidpenalties.


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