The influence of artificial intelligence assistants -Part 1


Si Gyeongmin

Sep 21, 2021

The future of artificial intelligence assistants is hugely uncertain, and law and economics obviously need to be expanded to include all factors related to policymaking. From a more comprehensive perspective, policies that strengthen the disclosure of artificial intelligence information, such as legislation that allows data access and retain exit, also seem promising. It is also obvious that the regulatory framework needs to be adjusted because the current disconnect between the macro and micro regulatory authorities will weaken the supervision of the automated market.

1. Transform the consumer's conversion model

We should expect the existence of powerful artificial intelligence assistants. Artificial intelligence is coming. It can guide us to shop like a car and execute transactions according to our wishes. It is also generally accepted that the law should reduce transaction costs. Law and economics scholars sometimes mention that digital intermediaries may help. Therefore, the foundation of knowledge and the real world is in place and can be transferred to a society that supports artificial intelligence.

The seeds of the automation market have been sown today. A powerful company like Amazon may technically build an automated market that suits its interests when policymakers do not understand the full costs and risks. For example, the ability of algorithms to accelerate consumer decision-making is rightly regarded as "the most basic advantage."


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