The boundaries of artificial intelligence protection -Part 1


Si Gyeongmin

Sep 20, 2021

1. Support the theory that competition makes digital perfection

From a policy perspective, the appeal of artificial intelligence assistants lies in their potential to reduce barriers to competition. This can save consumers a lot of time and money, as well as boost the economy, so it would make sense for policymakers to support laws that strengthen artificial intelligence assistants.

(1) Policies to promote perfect competition

The research of behavioral economics puts forward a long-standing hypothesis: rationality. Traditional legal and economic theories assume that consumers will make rational decisions, which generally refer to decisions that can promote consumer interests in the context of existing choices. Psychologists have begun to show that people tend to estimate poorly, are overconfident in their own decisions, and face difficulties even when dealing with basic numerical decisions. These different decision-making flaws are not only inconsistent with the best interests of the decision-maker, but also limit the improvement of transaction efficiency. Therefore, many scholars use the law as a means to reduce the harm caused by irrationality.


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