Global Data Protection Regulation: EU Road - Part 1


Bethany Walsh

Sep 15, 2021

The "Data Protection Festival" is widely reported by the media, and is celebrated by social networks such as conferences, speeches and twitter, which reflects indirectly the high sanction and enforcement of the GDPR regulations. For example, GDPR allows a company to be fined up to 4% of its global revenue or 20 million euros, and will take the greater one. On the day of "Data Protection Festival", the Washington Post reported that privacy protection organizations take this advantage to accuse technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google of "improper processing of consumers' personal data". The people are fully enjoying their "new power". In addition, academic literature also has consistent views on the breakthrough impact of EU privacy law.

In the global data privacy law survey, Professor Graham Greenleaf of Australia found that 120 countries have enacted EU style data privacy laws. He pointed out that at least more than 30 countries have developed official bills of such laws. In his assessment, some data privacy laws reasonably described as 'European standards' are becoming the norms of data privacy laws in most parts of the world. In addition, the principles in GDPR, such as "data portability" and "the right to be forgotten", are already affecting laws outside Europe.


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